Wonderful wedding in Corfu...

March 18, 2018

       It was a hot summer day in Corfu when i had the delight pleasure to shoot the wedding of Alexandros and Vera who were overflowing with happiness and beauty both inside and outside.

       The wedding took place in a breathtaking little white church called ''Ypapanti'' at Kommeno, surrounded by crystal blue water. Well tended surprise and one of the most unique moments of the wedding was the bride's arrival at the church like a ''princess'' with a horse carriage.   All the guests were including the groom were all blown away and emotionally touched.

      After the ceremony was finished the following venue took place in a equally beautiful place by the sea called " Royal Baths Mon Repo'' and the party carried on until the early hours of the morning..

  No more words needed as the photographs speak for them selfs..























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