about christos

       I was born in Athens but fate led me at a young age in Corfu where i grew up .With strong motivation from the photographic family environment, I feel very lucky that I have accomplished to do what I love as a job.

       Wedding photography fascinates me because every time I try through my camera lens to capture special and unique reactions, always giving emphasis even in the smallest detail.

       Very frequently i attend workshops in photo studio for Art Wedding Photography as well as Art Model Photography. I am well trained in image processing to be able to perfect  photos according to the specifics and requirements.

       Every picture that i capture I'm trying to make it a valuable piece of history, at this very important day, the wedding day. I am discovering through photography, the value of the moment that  remains invaluable over the years.`


about manos

      Born and bred from a photographic family, it would not be an exaggeration to say that I learned the world through photography, from the earliest my footsteps. So the best way to express my feelings and how I perceive things around me, it was just taking pictures.

      It was not a difficult choice to make my love for photography profession. Having discovered the secrets of starting from the romantic period of darkroom and film until the current evolution.

Based on Corfu where I was born and raised, I have photographed weddings in many places of Greece.

      I always try through my photos to capture the romance, the dynamism and the intensity of every moment and every human expression. I often participate in seminars and Wedding & Art photography workshops .  I'm looking for the ideal combination of lighting and emotional expression to yield the unique and most important moments which I shoot.

      Having a dream to travel around the world and take photos with creative and atmospheric mood, weddings with different cultures and habits, I continue to faithfully follow my great love ... photography.